There are six main basins in the Republic of Chad

United holds a 100% working interest in a production sharing contract

that holds four blocks

United paid USD$92.24 million for these exploration and development blocks

Initial exploration period of five years may be renewed for three years

subject to 50% relinquishment and a further $5 million work committment

Cost recovery is 70% of net after royalty production

with the remaining 30% going to a profit oil stream

United Hydrocarbon’s Lake Chad Block

encompasses a total of 1,773,440 acres.

United Hydrocarbon anticipates commencement of drilling around the end of 2013

or early 2014

Drilling will focus on the Doba Basin

Targeting prospects near the Belanga discovery

The M'Biku discovery could be flow tested before

the end of 2014.

United Hydrocarbon’s Doba Basin blocks

encompass a combined 600,957 acres

approximately 4,800 km

of high quality 2D seismic has been shot

which has resulted in the delineation of 16 or more

high quality Upper Cretaceous exploration prospects

most of production from the area has been medium gravity oil

from the Upper Cretaceous

but recent drilling and production testing by other operators

have revealed oil potential in Lower Cretaceous-aged formations as well.

two definitive oil discoveries were made,

one on each of Blocks DOC and DOD

Belanga discovery is estimated to contain both Contingent and Prospective Resources

M’Biku structure is estimated to contain Contingent Resources

United Hydrocarbon

United Hydrocarbon

International Oil and Gas Exploration

with four exploration blocks in Chad, Africa

The production of oil in Chad began in July 2003

Chad began efforts to develop its oil resources in 1969

Home to Lake Chad and Doba Basin

Chad is situated in central Africa on the northern edge of the Central Africa Shear Zone and shares a border with Niger, Libya, Sudan, South Sudan, Central African Republic, Cameroon and Nigeria. The fifth largest country in Africa, with an area of approximately 1.3 million square kilometres, Chad is home to approximately 11.8 million people, making it only the 25th most populous country in Africa. In terms of the country’s economy, an estimated 80% of the population lives below the poverty line (with an equivalent percentage of the population relying on subsistence farming and the raising of livestock for its livelihood. The country ranks 190 out of 262 countries globally on a GDP per capita basis.
United Hydrocarbon International Corp. is a Canadian-based private international-focused oil and gas exploration and development company, with a Production Sharing Contract encompassing four exploration blocks in Chad, Africa. The company's current focus is drilling and developing existing discoveries as well as drilling new exploration prospects in the southern blocks in the Doba Basin through 2014. With success, the company anticipates that production should commence in ther first half of 2015.
Founded in 2012, the company is staffed with experienced management and technical personnel who have direct African related experience. Many of the employees at United Hydrocarbon have worked together in other international oil and gas exploration and development companies.